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How to Hire Filipino Workers

Under the policy of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) a government agency that highly regulates all overseas recruitment processes and initiatives, all foreign employers who intend to hire from the Philippines must be accredited and processed under a licensed Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA). To be accredited with a PRA, such as our company, Grand Placement & General Services Corp. (GPGSC), the foreign employer needs to provide the required documents mentioned below.

Recruitment Agreement

This is an agreement executed and entered into by and between GPGSC and the foreign employer which contains the provisions:

a. Responsibilities of the parties to the agreement
b. Selection and documentation procedures
c. Grievance machinery for workers
d. Validity and revocation of the agreement, among others

Manpower Request (MR)

The MR indicates the (a) job opening/s (position/s), (b) number required for a given position, and (c) basic salary for a given position

Master Employment Contract (MEC)

MEC is a contract between foreign Employer and worker; provides terms and conditions of the employment.

MEC should contain basic provisions as follows:
• Monthly salary on the basis of 8 hours/day, 5 days/week (exceeding 8 hours/day is considered overtime)
• Contract term of at least one (1) year
• Free airfare to the job site and return-ticket upon completion of the work contract
• Repatriation of the worker’s remains in case of death
• Follow good and established industrial relations practices for termination of employment and observance of due process by the employer.

Business License or Registration of Foreign Employer

Passport copy showing photo and signature of authorized signatory of Employer.

All documents should be duly notarized by a notary public and verified by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). In the absence of POLO, documents should be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/ Consulate of the host country or nearest to the job site.

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