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Top 10 Qualities That Foreign Employers Look For in a Filipino Worker

For applicants, a well-written resume is not enough when applying for foreign employment. Aside from a checklist of documents and other requirements, you should also be aware of what is expected of you. Depending on the country of your choice, employers often have different views regarding hiring foreign workers. They have different wants and needs. You should be able to exceed their expectations. Setting aside the cultural differences, here are the most common qualities that foreign employers are generally looking for.


1. Happy personality

Foreign employers want someone with a happy disposition. We all know that working away from our family can get very lonely. Being a professional should not let sadness get in the way of doing the job.


2. Highly skilled and capable

The reason why foreign companies seek the help of workers from other countries is that their own country lack skilled employees. They want to hire someone who fits the role and an expert at the task at hand. To be skilled and capable, investing in education is a good start and learning from experience.


3. Competent

Aside from having the right talents and skills, you also have to be an expert in what you do. Foreign companies want employees who believe in themselves and are proud of who they are.


4. Good behavior and nice attitude

It’s not enough to be a professional worker. You also have to be a team player. Showing good behavior and nice attitude is a great way to start your journey abroad. It helps if you are friendly towards other people especially other nationalities.


5. Adaptable

If you want to work abroad, make sure you are ready for big changes. Aside from the weather, culture, and language, being in a different country means facing different working environments. What you have been doing in the Philippines may not be applicable when you start working overseas. You have to be adaptable and able to adjust well to everything.


6. Caring and hospitable

Filipinos are known to be hospitable. Aside from that, you have to show care and empathy in the workplace, especially if you aim to be in the health services industry. It is nice if you can show you care about your job.


7. Diligent and hard-working

Working hard and being mindful of your responsibilities is a must when you apply for a job abroad. You will be working in a global setup and you have to stand out from the rest. Foreign employers want someone who can successfully accomplish tasks even without direct supervision.


8. Resourceful

Filipinos are known to always find ways in every situation. Foreign companies often have responsibilities that are challenging. You have to be able to solve things on your own by being resourceful.


9. Persevering

Foreign employers want someone who does not easily give up. Knowing that you want to work abroad for your family, you have to be persevering in terms of the sacrifice, the difficulties, and challenges of working far away from home. Failures and hardships should not hinder you from reaching for your dreams.


10. Hopeful

Deciding to work abroad requires a lot of hope and courage. The passion and motivation makes you hopeful and enthusiastic about going to faraway places, leaving everything behind, and starting somewhere new. This trait makes someone more willing to go beyond what is expected of them. Being hopeful is connected to determination, and you must have these traits in order to survive working abroad.


It’s really not easy to work abroad. But if you have these things mentioned above, you are sure to succeed and reach for your dreams. Have you checked these qualities on your list? Are you all set to apply for an overseas job? Prepare your resume and be ready for interviews. Let Grand Placement & General Services Corporation help you with your applications. Click here to check the list of vacancies and job openings that might interest you:


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